Chiang Mai Night Safari. A government agency. Operated by the supervision of the Administration of Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism (Designated Areas) is located in Tambon Mae Hia Tambon Suthep, Muang District, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai and Nong Kwai. The total area of approximately 819 acres and only minutes from the city center, about 10 kilometers.


The founders were a group of nature lovers who spent their week ends on conservation projects in the mountains of Thailand. In 2004 they were taking pictures of Gibbons in Doi Intanon. Someone in the group noticed some gibbon remains. The guide said it looked like poachers had killed the mother to capture the baby. The small bones next to her were from her unborn fetus.

Then, One day in late 2007 a pair of white handed gibbons were dumped on the side of the road after spending over 5 years in captivity. We knew we had to find a way get them back into the wild and keep them protected. Flight of the Gibbon was created with a very clear mission, the protection of Asian wildlife.

Tong lorde and tong Dee (the pair of white handed gibbons) were released January 3, 2009. On February 23, 2010 they gave birth in the wild to a healthy son. Thanks to your participation in Flight of the Gibbon, their offspring will never have to see the inside of a poachers cage.



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